Fiber Optic Waterproof Pigtail

Fiber Optic Waterproof Pigtail, which uses single-core cable as the basic component, is a special indoor
cable. Optical waterproof cable pigtail is twisted around the non-metallic central strength member
in clockwise direction, water-block yarns outside, steel or aluminum tape used as armored layer,
and proper material jacket. The waterproof fiber optic cables are with strong PE jacket and armored structure, they can resist high temperature and suit to use in harsh environment. This kind of cable is usually used as pigtails in interconnect line of equipment, and used as interconnect lines in different buildings. We produce the fiber optic waterproof pigtails strictly according to IEC and EIA/TIA standards, the products feature low insertion loss, high return loss, good interchangeability and repeat push-pull performance, which make them easy to use.

Download Specification: Fiber Optic Waterproof Pigtail