Fiber Optic Patch Cord Cables (Duplex & Simplex)

The cable is constructed with FRP Central Strength Member, Central Loose Tube with Jelly Compound gives water and moisture protection, E-Glass Strength Member and PVC outer Jacket with metric print. E-glass gives better tensile strength and protection. The cable has options of LSZH, PE & Plenum outer jacket as per customer request. The cable has excellent UV-stabilized and water blocking performance for outdoor duct application (PE outer jacket) or Indoor/ Outdoor application (LSZH outer jacket).

The cable combines robust characteristics of outdoor cable and flexibility of indoor cable. By installing this cable costly splice at building entry can be avoided and cable can be routed from outside plant to telecommunication closets or main distribution frames (MDF) through the riser of building and eliminate ?50 foot rule? for outdoor cables. The cable is mostly used in LAN application for intra building backbone and interconnections (Campus LAN). Cable Cross