Standards & Features:
• Comply with ANSI/EIA; RS-310-D; D1N41491 :PART1; IEC297-2; D1N41494; PART?; GB/T3047.2-92 Standard; compatible with 19” International Standard, Metric System and ETSI Standard.
• Reliable Structure, Static Loading Capacity: 500kg (Optional castors and plinth).
• Adjustable feet and castors are available, moving conveniently and xing reliable.
• Baying together easy, quickly eciently and firmly.
• Tempered glass front door with high density ring hole decoration and rear door with square holes; Ex¬cellent and elegant exterior design, comprehensive consideration of balances of ventilation; It improves inner equipment’s operational reliability.
• Optional cable entry on top cover and bottom panel, front door, rear door and side panel can be removed facility, the bottom has the function of ventilation and rat-proof. Varies optional accessories, reliable quality. Optional opening hole and varies specication upon customer’s special requirements.
• IP Degree Rating: IP 20
• Cabinet size ranges from 15U to 47U in height


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